Mexaboro – aka – COVID-19-Art


Hi dear All 🙂

Hope this post finds you well and in a good mood!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic most of us decided to self-isolation or are in quarantine and many employees work @ their home office. Earlier this week there happened to be a video conference here at our house and one of the participants was curious about the paintings in the background –  who is the artist and why so many and so on. And then he said “this looks just like the coronavirus pictured!”

As you can imagine, we had a great laugh 😀

Now you can laugh as well and feel a bit uplifted to put up with this global situation. Keep in mind, we all have to play our part to beat this desease.  Follow absolutely the instructions of the authorities!

I wish all those who are suffering from this and/or another illness all the very best, a good and quick recovery ❤

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