ASHES AND SEEDS | Michelle Greenblatt


In October 2014 I was asked for permission to use my painting Der Trauerflor der weißen Frau, which means the crape resp. black ribbon of the white woman, as the backcover of ASHES AND SEEDS, a book by Michelle Greenblatt. On October the 19th in 2015 Michelle passed away…

I´ve been pretty touched that Michelle choose this painting full of sadness and loneliness. Now I´m sure, that Michelle felt what this work beares inside and much more as we can imagine. It´s a major honor for me to be connected with Michelle through ASHES AND SEEDS.

ASHES AND SEEDS will be deeply discounted until March 15, as will Michelle’s posthumously-published collaboration with Vernon Frazer, DEFINITIONS OF OBSCURITY.

Introduction by the editor, Jonathan Penton: But make no mistake: this book is neither sermon nor lecture. There is no suggestion, in ASHES AND SEEDS, that people can, by behaving in a correct way, experience positive results: quite the opposite. Most clearly, the book says that girls suffer, but beyond that, do not look for predictable outcomes. Rather, look for direct experience, honest analysis of the experience, and the wisdom that can come from such self-study. Michelle, in a truly Confessional work, has chosen the forms, techniques, and symbols that most authentically (if not always literally) tell the story of her vanishing girlhood. Through this, we readers hope to absorb a piece of her experience, and learn lessons that cannot make us safe, but might make us stronger.

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